October 24, 2018



Growing up in Grenada, it always seemed as if scary stories was a part of our culture, or maybe it was just my family’s culture. Everyone had a ghost story to tell, and occasionally these stories were told late at night with the wind creating sound effects that echoed through the house and the trees forming shadows that stretched through the windows. These stories would make me so scared as a kid I would dread the nighttime. Sunsets were never something beautiful but only a reminder that there is a possibility that my nightmares might have the chance to come true. One night, as my family gathered in the living room talking and laughing after dinner. The mood shifted as my sister asked “mom, can you tell us the scary stories about grandpa when he was young?” Usually, after realizing that my family was going to tell horror stories I would quickly cover my ears and run to bed. This particular night I decided to be brave. "Oh, those stories! You want to hear those stories again?" My mother asked; with a slight smile on her face.

"Well, your grandfather experienced a lot of horrifying things in his life.” As she continued, my legs pressed tightly against my chest with my chin tucked between my knees. Fearing that a ghost might be underneath the couch and might pull me into another dimension. As my mom got comfortable in her chair she continued the story with eager and excitement. “On one particular night your grandfather and his friend went out for a walk. It was after sunset and in those days there was no streetlights. The moonlight guided their steps as they walked back.

Upon approaching the bridge that lead them back to their destination they saw a beautiful young woman standing in the middle of that bridge. As the moonlight shined on her face they noticed how attractive she was. Wearing a long beautiful dress she stood looking at your grandfather and his friend as they approached her. When they approached her they were able to get a better look at her beauty. As they started talking to her they mentioned something frightening that they saw a few minutes before. 

They expressed that they saw a woman whose teeth were so big that it sent chills down their spines. As the woman stood in front of them looking steadily into their eyes. She opened her mouth wide and shouted –BIGGER THAN THESE!” Fright ran through my body as I watched my mother act out the details of the story. With wide eyes and a large grin she dramatically turned her head around the room looking at my sisters and I. My fingers pressed against my ears and my eyes examined the room as I noticed the expressions on my sisters’ faces. A chill ran through my body as my mom continued.

Later, my fingers gradually released the hold on my ears, as I was slightly eager to listen to the ending. “Your grandfather was so scared he ran so fast and far that he didn’t even think about being out of breath. Your grandfather later described the woman’s teeth as extremely large wolfs teeth”. The tenseness loosened in my body as I realized that it was the end of the story. My feet left its warm and comfortable position on the couch and slide down onto the floor.

As my right foot slid into my house slippers my mom shouted “Oh! I remember another one your grandfather told us when we were kids. This one was so terrifying I did not sleep for days, she said.” My heart sunk and my feet quickly got back into its previous position on the couch, legs tucked into my chest and fingers covering my ears.

With my fingers still covering my ears I scanned the room and watched as my sisters’ eyes widened and mouths opened with fear. I hummed continuously to block out the sounds that slipped past my fingers.

At the end of the night, as we all got ready for bed I picked a chaperone to accompany me to the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else I needed to go that night. Till this very day I still find myself responding the same way when my family get together and share scary stories.