DECEMBER 08, 2018

This past year I have done a lot of opening up, both mentally and emotionally. I’ve learned a lot from life’s lessons and have allowed myself to be more open to learning from people I meet and situations I encounter, both good and bad.

The beautiful thing about life to me is that no one has it all figured out. We are always learning no matter our age. So many people search for books that give them the 7 steps to this or the 5 rules of whatever it may be to enhance their lives in some way. The beautiful thing is that they all work but I have personally chosen to accept the view that our life journeys are so personal and individualized that we slowly discover our personal steps to success or greatness as we live and learn each day. Through genuine awareness and understanding of ourselves we can unveil the steps needed for each of us to achieve our desires.

In the past year, I’ve learned how important it is to trust myself and to listen to my intuition. I would usually get this feeling about something or someone that would usually make me feel like this particular thing is a bad idea or that I should stay away from this particular person. In the past I would always ignore that feeling. Then after that voice or feeling proved to be right it would ring in my mind like an annoying I told you so. I have realized that for me there has never been a time where that voice or feeling was wrong. I’ve learned that it is okay to take a moment to analyze then accept that gift of intuition when dealing with any situation and to ensure that it is not clouded by fear or past traumas.

I’ve also learned that it is okay to feel and to express my emotions when I feel disappointment, anger, sadness or other negative emotions. I have found that often times I would tell myself “it’s okay” or “just be positive” after a negative situation. Many times I didn’t allow myself to feel the hurt or sadness or disappointment. Most times, I would not want to pass through the emotion but move around it. I’ve accepted the importance of allowing myself to FEEL, UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT, then developing a plan or solution for whatever issue I may have.

Thinking negatively about your life will bring about an obvious delay in your blessings. However, not allowing yourself to live through each emotion but instead trying to wish it away could be detrimental to your well being. Those emotions that are bottled up inside will one day find its way out.

Living in the moment and appreciating each moment in my life has been something that has shifted my perspective on life. Showing gratitude for the “little things” adds so much more value to the bigger blessings. Recently, I went through a lot of different and frustrating situations to where I questioned God a lot. After moving through the emotions I started asking “why was this happening for me”? This one question changed my perspective and view of my circumstances and allowed me to dig dipper for the lessons that I needed to learn from each situation.

I am excited for this new year; I am hoping that year 26 will bring new lessons, new knowledge, new friends and new adventures.