I have been using a number of the Mosheen Spice Naturals products for about a year now, and I can honestly say that my skin, body, and hair has fallen in love with each product. The unique fusion of some of nature’s finest butters, essential oils, and fruit extracts, rejuvenate, heal and moisturize the skin, hair and body; protecting the cells and membranes from environmental damages. These butters, contains no animal products, petroleum or other toxic preservatives which I absolutely love!!! One of my favorite face scrubs from the Mosheen Spice product line is the Soapy Sugar Scrub. The combination of mint, lavender and rosemary is simply amazing. 

Despite from the fact that Mosheen Spice Naturals products are made with all natural ingredients, it smells fantastic. You know the type of natural smell that makes you inhale so deeply and with your eyes closed and a slit smile on your face all you can say is "ahhh"... yep that's how I feel everyday I wash my face. I feel like I have been teleported to a Caribbean Island for a few seconds. 

I usually take a small amount on my finger tip after wetting my face with warm water. I gently rub the scrub on my face for a few seconds then rinse my face with cool water. 

After using the Mosheen Spice Naturals product my sensitive skin feels fresh, clean, and soft. I completed my facial routine with the Hemp & Avocado Oil. This oil moisturizes and hydrates my skin, leaving it smooth and soft. 


To get a hold of some of the amazing skin, body and hair products from Mosheen Spice please check out their website http://www.mosheenspicenaturals.com or contact Mosheen Spice directly at 347-479-4822 and at mosheenspice@hotmail.com


Also, to purchase some of my favorite products from the Mosheen Spice Naturals line check out my shop link above.