Growing up in my home island Grenada was fun as a child. I don’t remember much, but what I remember makes me smile. Climbing trees, swimming in the beach behind our house, and playing in the sand. I remember spending hours at the beach. Even though I never learned how to swim, the beach was always my favorite part about Grenada.

What is real and what is fake? Being real in a Photoshop world can be challenging. How do I know the real me? How do I know if what I think is the fake me, isn’t really the real me? Is acting differently with different people, in different environments, in different sittings, fake? Well obviously, right?

Having a few extra vacation days left to end 2018 was just what I needed to plan for the New Year and reflect on the past year. I woke up on December 31 staring at my personal To-Do Listboard hanging on my bedroom wall with unchecked bullets and smudged marker stains. I started to think about my goals for the New Year and different ways to accomplish them. I then glanced over at my vision board on the opposite wall, crafty and colorfully organized within its frame, which detailed all of my big goals. 

“Okay, this is your last lesson before the big day. How are you feeling?” My driving instructor said to me as I positioned my hand on the gear stick. “Well, you know, I feel a lot more confident than when we first started.”


As my alarm went off the next morning I sat slightly nervous in my bed. I pulled the covers off and planted my feet down on the cold bedroom floor. It is raining so much heavier than yesterday. “No big deal, you got this”, I whispered softly.

This past year I have done a lot of opening up, both mentally and emotionally. I’ve learned a lot from life’s lessons and have allowed myself to be more open to learning from people I meet and situations I encounter, both good and bad. The beautiful thing about life to me is that no one has it all figured out. We are always learning no matter our age. So many people search for books that give them the 7 steps to this or the 5 rules of whatever it may be to enhance their lives in some way. 

Like many black and brown girls, my hair defined my beauty for many years. I got a perm at the age of about seven or eight. At that time I was so excited because “beautiful” women had straight hair; all the women around me did. While growing up changing hairstyles was something I did frequently. Having a talented sister like mine meant that I didn’t need to spend hundreds of dollars each month at a hairdresser to get my hair done. My sister would teach herself to do just about every hairstyle I wanted.

I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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